Volume 28 Issue 2 February 1978

Michael Glover describes how Vienna in 1815 was the scene of endless entertainment for European rulers and their delegations.

Elka Schrijver describes the art and making of a northern Renaissance man.

Terence McLaughlin describes aeronautical experiments from gliders to powered machines.

Louis C. Kleber describes how, for the American Indians, ‘medicine’ was a spiritual belief as well as a curative.

The Emperor Napoleon III, writes Robert E. Zegger, was a leading patron of the French Society for animal welfare.

L.W. Cowie takes the reader on a visit to London's Carlton House; an architectural gem with many royal connections and which was converted into a palace for the future George IV.

George Woodcock describes how, in March 1778, Cook was the first European to set foot on the Pacific coast of Canada.