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Volume 27 Issue 7 July 1977

Michael Glover investigates the early modern sources of the English reputation as the most indefatigable writers of letters in the world.

In the thirteenth century, writes Diana E. Greenway, one of the Bishops in the important see of Winchester was a rich and noble monk; the second a warrior accountant turned prelate.

K.R. Dockray introduces a West Riding family of Percy retainers, whose land-holdings suffered from the Wars of the Roses and from legal disputes.

John Terraine describes how the Allied offensive of spring 1917 promised victory but ended in failure and mutiny.

During the 1730s, writes Michael Paffard, the modest and unassuming Duck achieved considerable fame.

As advocate, diplomatist and historian, writes Neil Ritchie, Aeneas Silvius was a much-travelled international figure before he became Pope.