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Volume 23 Issue 3 March 1973

Robert Woodall describes the state of early parliamentary reporting, during a period when it was disapproved by Members .

During the French Revolution, writes Tresham Lever, some political trials took place in Edinburgh for which Lord Braxfield has been intemperately denounced.

The canal in Languedoc, between the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean, was one of the remarkable achievements of Louis XIV’s reign, writes Roger Pilkington.

Alan Haynes describes a gallant mercantile endeavour in Tudor relations with Spain.

Patricia Wright describes the first Italian attempt to capture Ethiopia.

J.R.S. Whiting recalls an era when tokens were used for propaganda rather than as currency.

Jan Read describes how, in 1394 a Spanish Cardinal became Antipope at Avignon, pledging to end the Schism in the Church.