Volume 21 Issue 7 July 1971

Cyril Hamshere describes how the British community in Argentina came to be, at one point, the largest outside the Empire.

David Mitchell introduces the Italian Romantic poet who played a brief part upon the European political stage.

Admired by Lord Melbourne; and, later, the author of two popular novels, Emily Eden was one of the liveliest of correspondents. By Prudence Hannay.

J.H.M. Salmon asserts that René Descartes and Blaise Pascal stand out from other men of letters of their era due to the enduring relevance of their lives and works.

S.G.F. Brandon traces development from the fourth century in Christian art to Holman Hunt and Graham Sutherland.

J.J. Saunders describes how a Persian servant of the Mongol Khans wrote the first truly global history.

Judith Hook profiles the genius of Rome during the great Catholic Reformation.