Volume 20 Issue 12 December 1970

General Sir Robert Wilson’s impressions in 1807 and 1812; a paper delivered by D.G. Chandler at the Congress of Historical Sciences, Moscow, 1970.

Louis C. Kleber traces the early settlement of the Palmetto State.

Desmond Seward describes an outstanding colonial achievement of the Middle Ages.

‘Larger than a peahen and smaller than a peacock’, Jahangir wrote in 1612. Geoffrey Powell describes how the bird reached England from America some decades before the Indian knew it.

B.G. Gokhale describes how, in India, at the beginning of the fourth century A.D., a line of rulers arose from obscurity to inaugurate a Golden Age.

J.J.N. McGurk reflects on the eighth centenary of Becket's martyrdom.

C.R. Boxer profiles an Anglo-Irish Protestant at the Portuguese Court, 1728-41.