Volume 2 Issue 2 February 1952

Eric Robson looks at the constitutional background - and legacies - of the American Revolution.

Laurence Whistler charts the history of the magnificent seat of the Churchills.

J.J. Bell describes a powerful force of raiders on the early modern Scottish Borders.

Roger Fulford introduces the life and career of 'perhaps the dimmest' British Prime Minister.

W.F. Knapp reappraises a great historian of nineteenth century France.

Maurice Craig visits the Irish capital.

Robert Graves, working from Greek and Latin sources, and Joshua Podro, working from Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac sources, completed a detailed restoration of the original Nazarene Gospel in 1952. Here is a sample of their findings.

Robin Fedden pays a historical visit to the monumental Frankish fortress, symbol of Christian dominance in the Holy Land for over a century.