Volume 2 Issue 1 January 1952

Like a herald of lost Atlantis, Gregor MacGregor arrived in 19th-century London with news of a Central American utopia. Unfortunately, Poyais didn’t exist and its would-be emigrants found only a ‘sinister coast of disillusion’.

D.H. Pennington introduces the picturesque Cotswold town.

Emile de Groot on the often fractious but ever-intimate relationship between European powers and Egypt.

Arthur Waley on the pioneering French explorer and early scholar of Indian culture.

Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery, accounts for the last hours in active British politics for the 'Grand Old Man'.

Charles Seltman helps explain the mysteries of the Diopet.

Hugh Latimer unearths the role of the rubber plant in the story of empire and Malayan nation-building.