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Volume 19 Issue 7 July 1969

In 1807, writes C.E.S. Dudley, when the British were enforcing their world-wide blockade against France, a short action took place off the Virginian coast that led to violent controversy.

W. Bruce Lincoln reflects on how Russian statesman Nikolay Milyutin became a chief architect of great liberal reforms.

C.V. Wedgwood assesses the impact of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, 1869-1969

T.C. Owtram introduces Warren Hastings. After thirty years in the service of the East India Company, eleven of them as Governor-General, Hastings returned in 1785 to face impeachment at Westminster Hall

David Chandler describes a heroic episode during the War of the Spanish Succession.

Joanna Richardson describes how, during the 1830s, the world of Bohemia offered a warm and fruitful climate to artists and writers.

C.A. Usher describes how, during the thirteenth century, the divided Principality of Wales succumbed to English Conquest.

Alan Rogers describes how the Welsh fortresses founded by the English King were ‘outlying strongholds thrust into the heart of enemy country.’