Volume 18 Issue 12 December 1968

In November 1918, writes Elizabeth Wiskemann, the first Czechoslovak Republic was founded.

Jessica Hodge traces the significance of a settlement that was the largest known military site in King Arthur’s time.

Philip Ziegler describes how, in the mid-fourteenth century, about one third of the population of Western Europe perished from bubonic plague.

Geoffrey Powell profiles the Praetorian Guard. This corps d'elite, first established on a permanent footing by Augustus, played a powerful part in the history of imperial Rome.

The first of two articles by C.G. Cruickshank describing logistics and pageantry in the reign of King Henry VIII.

Six Mughal Emperors between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries bequeathed an alien glory to the Indian scene.

A. Lentin introduces Princess Dashkova. During the reigns of Peter III and Catherine II, the Russian Princess was a tireless intellectual and a seasoned western traveller.