Volume 17 Issue 9 September 1967

For over 400 years, writes Oliver Warner, the Sovereigns of Denmark exacted dues from all ships using the Sounds at the entrance to the Baltic Sea.

Born in the West Indies; Secretary of State in the Confederate Government, Benjamin ended his career as a successful barrister in London. By Charles Curran.

William Seymour introduces the scientist, architect, gardener, forester and book-collector, John Evelyn; one of the most distinguished polymaths of the English seventeenth century.

A.N. Marlow describes how city-life in India, four thousand years ago, bore a striking resemblance to that of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

At Deptford, on April 4th, 1581, Francis Drake, who, during the previous autumn, had returned from his triumphant circumnavigation of the globe, knelt before Queen Elizabeth and received a knighthood