Volume 17 Issue 11 November 1967

A collateral relation of the famous diarist met with some alarming experiences in Dr. Johnson’s company during the 1780s, writes D. Pepys Whiteley.

Joan Hasler describes how, as controller of Calais in 1558, Edward Grimston was captured when the town surrendered to the Duke of Guise and held to ransom in the Bastille.

C.R. Boxer offers a study of the religious problems in early Roman Catholic missions.

Geoffrey Powell offers a study of everyday Imperial military life.

George A. Rothrock introduces the son of a Protestant engraver, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier; a dealer in gems, Tavernier made six important journeys to Persia, India and Tonkin during the reign of Louis XIV

Norman Bentwich recalls the official meetings in Paris of 1946, which were concerned with the future of Germany’s former allies in Europe. At these protracted sessions the conflict between the Soviet Union and the Western Powers gradually came into the open.