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Volume 16 Issue 11 November 1966

It was in the spring of 1559 that ‘the uproar for religion’ began in Scotland; J.H. Burns introduces Ninian Winzet, a faithful cleric on the losing side.

James Lunt describes how, it was from Fort St. George, now incorporated in the busy modern city of Madras, that Stringer Lawrence laid the foundations of the Indian Army, and that Clive embarked on the conquest of Bengal.

R.B. Landolt describes how Moliere’s comedy, Le Tartuffe, which portrays religious hypocrisy, involved him in troubles with devout persons at Court and with his patron, Louis XIV.

J.J.N. McGurk describes how Irish art can claim its own place in the history of European civilization. Undisturbed by the troubles of the Dark Ages, Irish monks long continued to produce their splendid manuscripts.