Volume 14 Issue 10 October 1964

The Civil War coincided with an era in naval technology that was revolutionizing sea warfare.” Could the Confederate government build a fleet of “ironclad blockade breakers” in the shipyards of neutral Great Britain? By Frank J. Merli and Thomas W. Green.

Alan G.R. Smith describes how, in the system of government organized by the Cecils, Hickes, the ambitious son of a London tradesman, became a rich and influential figure.

H.T. Dickinson profiles a polished, intrepid and versatile military man; Peterborough was one of the most dashing soldiers who fought in the War of the Spanish Succession.

James Shiel describes how, as one of those writers who forged a link between classical antiquity and medieval Christendom, Boethius was executed in 524 at the command of the barbarian king he served.