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Volume 1 Issue 9 September 1951

David Footman on the conspiracies that surround the Order of Assassins.

Keith Feiling suggests that the Battle of Worcester holds central importance, not only in the unique character of the Lord Protector, but for the history of Britain itself.

W.G. Hoskins pays an historical visit to Leicester.

Erich Eyck looks at the battles fought - and won - by Napoleon's Prussian nemisis.

J. Guthrie Oliver discusses a major source of funds for both medieval England and the Church.

Philip Magnus analyses the political, personal, and literary careers of one of Britain's most influential Victorian premiers.

Charles Seltman analyses the role of the darker deity in Ancient Greece. Second of a two part series. The first part can be read here.

Hugh Trevor-Roper attempts to unravel the mystery surrounding authorship of Charles I's purported last testament.