Volume 1 Issue 10 October 1951

W.H. Chaloner profiles the contribution of Francis Egerton, the last Duke of Bridgewater, to the canal systems of Lancashire, and England at large.

Rayner Heppenstall uses the examples of Britain and Ireland to argue against absolutist views of race and nation.

T.H. McGuffe analyses the failure of Admiral Byng to relieve the besieged British forces against French onslaught.

J.D. Chambers pays an historical visit to the regional capital of the English East Midlands.

Alan Yorke-Long documents the beginnings of Georgian England's affair with the music of the Hanoverian composer.

Christopher Dawson profiles the historical writing of "the last of the encyclopaedists".

A.J. Halpern queries the source of Russia's disputed status as a European state.

Maurice Cranston assesses the background and impact to Thomas Hobbes' masterwork of religious and political philosophy.

J.H. Plumb analyses the career of the man recognised as Britain's first prime minister.

Max Beloff's letter addresses previous articles by Alan Bullock.