Volume 37 Issue 12 December 1987

Gregor Dallas tells how the transition from small-town to metropolis brought enormous problems and pressures to the Big Apple. 

Ian Bradley examines the driving forces behind the crofters' attacks on the deer forests of Skye and Lewis.

The controversy caused by the role of British police in recent industrial disputes has its counterpart in the troubled years before and after the First World War.

70 years ago the massed tank battle of Cambrai ushered in the transformation of the mythology, imagery and practice of conventional land warfare.

Anne Laurence examines the history of Irish studies.

Penelope Johnston takes a look back on the dinosaur age.

Christmas is a time for children... an adage the Middle Ages took literally by promoting choir boys into bishops at ceremonies linked to the festive season.

Ann Hills examines new National Trust properties in South Wales.

The first of the Romantic historians or a disgruntled propagandist of counter-revolution? Jeremy Black investigates how far Edmund Burke was a child of his times and had a political rather than an academic vocation.

Tony Aldous takes a look at a replica 1930s store in Blackheath Village, south London.