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The arrival of Napoleon’s troops in Venice in 1797 instigated one of the biggest plunders in the history of art.

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Methodism gained great popularity in the 18th century, but its followers were thought enthusiastic to the point of insanity, posing a serious threat to the established church.

French was the only language worth speaking in medieval Britain – and not just by the upper classes.

Why the British government can’t reveal more about an ‘open secret’. 

Nobody who has visited India can fail to marvel at the country’s railways. Employing 1.3 million people, they are the world’s third largest employer...

From the taming of the ‘Wild West’ to the lucrative wages of sin.

‘A quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing.’ The notorious words of Neville Chamberlain come to mind when reading...

From monks to Vikings to tourists, Manx has (almost) survived against the odds.

It is a truism that the modern world feels the influence of ancient Greece – not least, in languages, arts, politics – yet the interactions of...