Issue 52 September 2005

Robert Carr assesses the nature of British rule in India during a key, transitional phase.

Robert Johnson puts the decline of a once-great Empire into an international context.

John Matusiak examines whether a common interpretation can survive detailed scrutiny.

Ian Thatcher refuses to take Trotsky at his own valuation.

Graham Goodlad gives advice to those starting their study of History in the Sixth Form.

Simon Lemieux shows how a synoptic approach enables us to appreciate the true nature of the Irish Question.

How the North won the American Civil War.

Pauline Croft explains the origins of Bonfire Night.

Stephen Roberts explodes a popular historical over-simplification.

Paul Dukes assesses the roles of the major statesmen from Britain, the USA and the USSR during the Second World War and the onset of the Cold War.