History Today Christmas Subscription

Issue 50 December 2004

Robert Carr traces developments in British policy between 1917 and 1956.

Robert Pearce seeks to provoke thought on the origins of a momentous election result.

Jonathan Lewis takes issue with a common interpretation.

Retha Warnicke pays tribute to one of the first historical advisors to History Review.

Nick Fellows offers practical advice.

Richard Evans has written two articles for History Review explaining how a modern, progressive country surrendered to a brutal and murderous dictatorship. In the first, he traces Hitler's rise to the Chancellorship.

Howard Amos interrogates a key text on colonialism and assesses its influence.

Stephen Young puts the career of the 40th American President into historical perspective.

Mark Rathbone compares Gladstone's and Disraeli's differing approaches to a crucial foreign policy issue.

Geoffrey Roberts accounts for the Soviet victory in the greatest battle of the Second Word War.