Issue 49 September 2004

John Spicer judges that slavery was the key factor in producing the conflict.

Local Defence Volunteers: The first manned Local Defence Volunteers (LDV) post in central London. The men pictured are being inspected by General Nation and Major Hughman.

Stephen Cullen reassesses the role of ‘Dad’s Army’.

Graham Goodlad asks whether Lord Salisbury deserves his reputation as one of the great Victorian Prime Ministers.

Is it history or fiction? Is it better than both, or worse than either? Robert Pearce wrestles with these questions.

Philip Pedley sees fateful flaws in a famous agreement.

Vincent Barnett argues that surface differences should not cover up deep-seated similarities.

Pauline Croft analyses the causes and traces the consequences of a momentous Treaty.

Edward Falshaw completes his survey of questions on contemporary Britain.

Richard Wilkinson examines the examiner’s agenda and advises accordingly.

John Matusiak explains how to tackle typical questions successfully.