Issue 26 December 1996

Raphael Mokades - the winner of the 1996 Julia Wood Award - argues that military failure in the Boer War transformed political attitudes in Edwardian Britain.

Malcolm Crook takes a fresh look at the eighteenth-century alliance between philosophers and kings.

In the second instalment of a two part article, Roger Eatwell chooses between rival definitions of a slippery word

Previewing his forthcoming biography, Robert Knecht argues that recent whitewash has failed to cover guilty blood.

Frank McDonough looks at recent thinking on the origins of the war of 1899-1902

W A Speck looks at new thinking about the emergence of whigs and tories.

Presentation of the past as a seed-bed of modernity gives it bogus relevance to modern concerns. Two hundred and fifty years after the battle of Culloden Jeremy Black looks at a classic instance – the military challenge of the Jacobites.

Kenneth Baker argues that cartoonists have let recent Prime Ministers off lightly compared with their eighteenth-century predecessors.