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Power couple: The Lover's Seat: Shelley and Mary Godwin in Old St Pancras Churchyard by William Powell Frith, 1877

Behind the dominating presence of Frankenstein, the richness of Mary Shelley’s life is in danger of being lost.

Bust of Marcus Tullius Cicero, first century AD

The man who conspired to kill Julius Caesar was not quite the friend to Romans and countrymen that his legendary status suggests. 

The Roman Empire in AD 117, 19th-century map.

Henri Pirenne transformed the way historians think about the end of the Classical world and the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The myths that surround the ultimately tragic rule of Charles I mask the realities of a courageous and uxorious king who fell foul of a bitter struggle between two sides of English Protestantism.

Relief portraying a Phoenician merchant ship, fourth century BC.

The Phoenicians were the great maritime traders of the ancient Mediterranean.

What goes on in other people’s minds? The idea of writing about what we can never know – the interior lives of others – was born in the fertile hybrid culture of 12th-century England and made possible by the pursuit...

Cutting humour: a Victorian greetings card in the shape of a cake, c.1880.

A lack of historical knowledge is easily exploited in the fractious world of social media.

Iranian riflemen guard a refinery belonging to the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1940s.

During the Second World War, Britain, the US and the Soviet Union worked together in oil-rich Iran. But cooperation was to degenerate into suspicion and hostility.