Explore Roman London with new mobile app

Streetmuseum: Londinium, a new mobile app from the Museum of London and the TV channel History, offers an original and engaging way of exploring the city's history.

Opening with an illustrative timeline of London's Roman heritage, the app launches into a map of the city, speckled with pins that highlight different historical aspects of life under Roman rule. The purple pins mark sites where archaeological discoveries were made (the user must use their finger to 'dig' the dirt or blow on the microphone to unearth bits of pottery and other relics). The red pins mark audio and video material, drawn from History's copious archive: for example, click on the amphitheatre to watch a video showing gladiators locked in combat.

One of the more interesting things is the historical map that is included with the app. Move the slider along and the contours of Londinium, from the old walled part of the city and its various gates to long-lost geological features such as the River Fleet, are overlaid on the contemporary map, along with information about their use.

Streetmuseum: Londinium is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and is free.

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