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Volume: 39 Issue: 6

Contents of History Today, June 1989

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Damien Gregory on the use of Fort Nelson over Portsmouth, a fort known as a fine example of Victorian military architecture.

Kenneth Fowler examines the motives and connections of an upwardly-mobile 'bon Breton' in the Hundred Years War.

The current state of history teaching

Ann Hills on an institution dedicated to the history of the Red Crescent and Cross and a humanitarian approach to war.

Gillian Peele surveys historians and education professionals for their thoughts on the development of the history curriculum.

Homes for heroes? Gertrude Prescott Nuding argues that the inspiration behind and debates over the founding of Britain's National Portrait Gallery reveal the...

Linda Pollock questions the assumption that younger brothers in the 16th and 17th-centuries were automatically stifled and frustrated, impotent in the family pecking...

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