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Volume: 38 Issue: 9

Contents of History Today, September 1988

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Cultural cataclysm or merely a modification of an Anglo-Saxon status quo? Antonia Gransden looks at views, past and present, of the Norman conquest.

A separatist assembly of Federalist New England at the height of war-weariness provided precedence and philosophy for future defiance of the Union.

Frank L. Holt looks at the legends and realities of Alexander's bride from Central Asia, the world she lived in and the power struggles that ensnared her.

Anthony Goodman looks into the Scottish border culture.

Angela Morgan tells the story of the remodelling of Boscobel House in Shropshire.

Was Britain prepared for war in 1938? Not in the air, argues John Crossland, as he investigates the myths and penny-pinching that nearly scuppered the Spitfire...

Roy T Matthews and Peter Mellini argue that the last 100 years have brought mixed fortunes for Britain’s family of national symbols.

Tony Aldous looks at the redevelopment of the city of Lowell in America.

Michael Burleigh investigates how academia was pressed into service to legitimise Nazi imperialism in the conquered East.

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