Volume 4 Issue 11 November 1954

Michael Grant analyses Mithras and its importance to the ancients.

Banker, economist, editor and critic, Bagehot “was the antithesis of the grand Victorian man of letters.”

For 444 years Goa has been ruled by the Portuguese; today their rule is challenged by the Republic of India. By C.R. Boxer.

In 1453 the Duke of Burgundy and his knights dramatically pledged themselves to crusade against the Turkhut with many face-saving qualifications. By Dorothy Margaret Stuart.

R.A.G. Carson investigates the fate of the polity established by rebel Roman general Carausius in the third century AD.

Lord Kinross unearths the problematic modern history of Cyprus.

John Carswell analyses some of the foremost political actors in the Glorious Revolution of 1688.