The real lives of five women who found fame only in the manner of their deaths: murdered by the man we have come to know as ‘Jack the Ripper’.

The Fagus factory in Alfeld, Lower Saxony, Germany, designed by Walter Gropius and Adolf Meyer.

The life of Walter Gropius, founder of the Bauhaus.

A man being flogged in the wake of the Amritsar Massacre, 1919.

Was the massacre of April 1919 a symptom of British oppression, or an exceptional event?

President de Gaulle at the Bastille Day Parade, Paris, 1959

De Gaulle’s secret was an ability to project a sense of French gloire, even when it didn’t really exist.

The British Indian Army entering Baghdad in 1917.

India’s First World War experience as seen through personal archives.

The al-Azhar mosque, Cairo, built during the Fatimid Caliphate during the 10th century.

A case for the study of Islam’s ‘other’ history.

Viet Cong fighters crossing a river.

A look at the Vietnam War from two contrasting perspectives.

A trade caravan passing the Isle of Graia in the Gulf of Akabah, Arabia Petraea, 1839.

The origins of globalisation can be found in the deep past.

Having a laugh: an English family at morning tea in Simla, India, 1871.

The promise of exotic thrills in distant lands built up expectations which inevitably collided with a mundane reality.

Kafka in 1906.

For many, Kafka is not only representative of the modern age, but its foremost prophet.