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Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge under construction in the 1870s © Getty Images.

Finding the grit in Brooklyn's gentrification.

Dr. Margaret Mead in Samoan dress, with Fa'amotu.

Anthropology's rise in popularity challenged previous ways of thinking about human development.

'The Prince Regent in a debauched state’, 19th century © Bridgeman Images.

Crime and punishment, theatre, sex, war, and empire.

Military personnel observing one of the tests in the Buster-Jangle Series in the autumn of 1951. Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

The nuclear physicist who revealed secrets to the Soviets.

Marie-Antoinette, by Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, 1783 © Bridgeman Images.

Going beyond the clichés to reveal Marie-Antoinette as a political operator with real influence.

'The Girls in Bed', Japan c.1870. Rijksmuseum.

A history from the earliest humans to those occupying ‘the bed of the future’.

Map of Arabian Peninsula, 1732, from Kitab-ı cihannüma [Constantinople], 1732, by Kâtip Çelebi (1609-1657). In Ottoman Turkish (Arabic script), printed by İbrahim Müteferrika. Typ 794.34.475 Houghton Library/Wiki Commons.

The multifarious motives of Europe’s Ottoman scholars.

A Mughal Fort, probably in Agra. Watercolour painting by an Indian artist, 19th century. Wellcome Collection.

Successful leaders or rapacious, racist, corrupt adventurers? A history of the East India Company.

‘When apples were golden and songs were sweet but summer had passed away’, John Melhuish Studwick, 1906 © Bridgeman Images.

The study of song as an imperfect, protean, untameable art form.

Victims of Cambodia’s ‘Killing Fields’ at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Phnom Penh © Manuel Ceneta/AFP/Getty Images.

Confronting the country's darkest hour and looking for answers.