Dante and the early astronomers, 1913

The pursuit of astronomical study led a Victorian woman from Surrey to the Indian foothills.

The three horsemen?: Alexander II reviewing troops, 19th century © Bridgeman Images

Why is the West is so suspicious of Russia?

Unloading camels at Port Augusta, c.1893. State Library of South Australia, B 68916

Continental Australia has a surprising history of South Asian immigration.

Australian soldiers on parade in New Guinea, c.1944

A new book seeks to change the way we look at the Second World War by challenging three enduring myths about Britain’s involvement. 

A caravan of Arabic traders, by Yahya ibn Mahmud Al-Wasiti, from Al-Hariri’s Maqama, c.1240.

Arabic was not just spread by the sword, but by merchants, patron-hunting poets and dowry-seeking princes.

The man who, at the time of his death in 2012, was arguably the most famous historian in the world is brought into quotidian focus. 

Dr Johnson and his friends, 19th-century engraving.

Meet the members of the 18th-century’s most illustrious club.

Robert Parkin Peters.

The life of Robert Parkin Peters: clergyman, would-be academic and one of the most brazen fraudsters of the 20th century.

Map of Nîmes and its walls, after Sebastian Münster (1569), 1572.

The voices of forgotten women in Reformation France.

The Creation, from the Luther Bible, c.1530.

An account of how belief became opinion.