A man being flogged in the wake of the Amritsar Massacre, 1919.

Was the massacre of April 1919 a symptom of British oppression, or an exceptional event?

President de Gaulle at the Bastille Day Parade, Paris, 1959

De Gaulle’s secret was an ability to project a sense of French gloire, even when it didn’t really exist.

The British Indian Army entering Baghdad in 1917.

India’s First World War experience as seen through personal archives.

The al-Azhar mosque, Cairo, built during the Fatimid Caliphate during the 10th century.

A case for the study of Islam’s ‘other’ history.

Viet Cong fighters crossing a river.

A look at the Vietnam War from two contrasting perspectives.

A trade caravan passing the Isle of Graia in the Gulf of Akabah, Arabia Petraea, 1839.

The origins of globalisation can be found in the deep past.

Having a laugh: an English family at morning tea in Simla, India, 1871.

The promise of exotic thrills in distant lands built up expectations which inevitably collided with a mundane reality.

Kafka in 1906.

For many, Kafka is not only representative of the modern age, but its foremost prophet.

Voluptuous: the Venus of Willendorf, c.28,000-25,000 BC.

A cultural history of fat.

Llannerch, Denbighshire, Wales, c.1667, unknown artist.

Four centuries of horticultural endeavours in the modest plots of the ‘lower orders’.