Sir Walter Ralegh as a young man, 16th century. Bridgeman Images.

A courtier of refined sensibility and an adventurer of bold and boundless ambition.

Emperor Jahangir of India (right) and Shah Abbas of Persia embrace, 17th century © Bridgeman Images.

A bridge between India and Persia.

A large cuneiform inscription on the south side of the Van Castle hill, in eastern Turkey. Wiki Commons / Bjørn Christian Tørrissen.

Looking beyond cuneiform signs to the people who impressed them.

Pain's great war spectacle, Mexican War, Siege of Vera Cruz.  New York : Sackett & Wilhelms Litho. Co., c1890. Library of Congress.

Why the US shuns its Spanish heritage.

Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims (detail), William Blake, c.1810. Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection.

What links Tolkien and Chaucer?

View  of an undamaged Polish city from the cockpit of a German aircraft, October 1939 © Galerie Bilderwelt/Hulton Getty Images.

The first nation to stand up to Hitler’s appetite for empire paid a grim price for its decision.

Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge under construction in the 1870s © Getty Images.

Finding the grit in Brooklyn's gentrification.

Dr. Margaret Mead in Samoan dress, with Fa'amotu.

Anthropology's rise in popularity challenged previous ways of thinking about human development.

'The Prince Regent in a debauched state’, 19th century © Bridgeman Images.

Crime and punishment, theatre, sex, war, and empire.

Military personnel observing one of the tests in the Buster-Jangle Series in the autumn of 1951. Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office

The nuclear physicist who revealed secrets to the Soviets.