Julius Caesar launched two abortive invasions of Britain in 55-54 BC: he came, he saw, he went home. In AD 43, during the reign of the Emperor...

An unsolved Renaissance mystery casts light on the dark world of extortion, revenge and power politics at the heart of the Catholic Church.

Methodism gained great popularity in the 18th century, but its followers were thought enthusiastic to the point of insanity, posing a serious threat to the established church.

The compassionate Buddhist deity who walks among us.

The grand funeral of Anne of Cleves, the neglected fourth queen of Henry VIII, took place during the reign of Mary Tudor, when English Catholicism was resurgent.

The stories we tell define who we are as individuals and as a society, without which we struggle to understand ourselves. This is the central message...

A French priest’s shocking attack on religion called for the fall of altars and the heads of kings. 

The arrival of a Christian mission on the island of Dobu in Papua New Guinea was met with ambivalence, but it resulted in a mixing of cultures and the development of new traditions.

Sculpture by Leonie Gibbs of a Pict queen (1999) at Tarbat Old Church, Portmahomack. Archaeology can provide new historical narratives for familiar...

The coverage of a disaster in Chile revealed religious divisions among the world’s press.