Elizabeth's Life and Times

A timeline of dates pertaining to the Tudor queen.

1520 Birth of William Cecil.

1527  Henry VIII tries to have his marriage to Katherine of Aragon annulled.

1533 Henry’s secret marriage to Anne Boleyn (Jan). Annulment of Aragon marriage (May). Birth of Elizabeth at Greenwich Palace (Sept 7th).

1534 Elizabeth’s christening (Feb. 10th). Act of Supremacy, whereby Henry is declared Supreme Head of the Church of England.

1536 Death of Katherine of Aragon (Jan). Boleyn marriage is declared invalid and Elizabeth made illegitimate (May 17th). Execution of Anne Boleyn (May 19th). Henry marries Jane Seymour (May 30th).

1537 Birth of Prince Edward (Oct 12th).

1543 Elizabeth attends wedding of Henry to Katherine Parr (July 12th).

1544 Act of Succession: Elizabeth is restored to the line of succession. William Grindal becomes Elizabeth’s tutor.

1545 Elizabeth gives Henry VIII a translation of Katherine’s devotional writings as a New Year’s gift (Dec 31st).

1547 Death of Henry VIII (Jan 28th) and accession of Edward VI; Katherine Parr marries Lord Thomas Seymour.

1548 After Grindal’s death, Roger Ascham is appointed Elizabeth’s tutor. Elizabeth leaves Seymour establishment (May). Death of Katherine after childbirth (Sept).

1549 Arrest of Thomas Seymour (Jan); interrogation of Elizabeth at Hatfield (Feb).

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