Letters to the Editor - March 2013

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Borges and I

Can I write a few words in support of the balanced editorial on the British-Argentine connections in history and its relevance to the current storm brewing in politics (From the Editor, February 2013)? We can only hope there are History Today readers in the corridors of power. The warnings of history in whatever form they come are ignored at one’s peril.

The reference to Jorge Luis Borges struck a chord with me and I was slightly disappointed that you missed out the influence of Tennyson on him. Borges’ most famous poem in English is Brunanburh, which he wrote long after reading Tennyson as a child. It is ironic that he knew so much about a battle most British people have never heard of and that he wrote his poem in the style of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and in Spanish.

If you have never read his poem, it is available on my website.

David Anson
Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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