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The English Civil Wars should be at the heart of history teaching, argues Paul Lay.

Richard Freeman explores the history of Britain's defence of the realm, and finds that current policy is little more than a confused response to an unspecified danger.

Matthew Lynn finds a sobering historical parallel between 1873, a traumatic year for the global economy, and the present day.

Historically-themed bands; don't expect to see them lining up at Glastonbury any time soon.

The actress behind the Spirit of Ecstasy, the mascot on every Rolls-Royce, and other women who have inspired famous emblems.

'Real' book or the electronic version? We asked our Twitter followers what they made of ebooks. Here is a selection of the responses.

Military historian William Philpott reviews Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of War Horse.

Paul Lay speaks to David Waller, author of The Magnificent Mrs Tennant: The Adventurous Life of Gertrude Tennant, Victorian Grande Dame.

Beast or buffoon? Some of the many interpretations of King John as he has appeared in film and television.

Lucy Worsley looks at the home-making habits of the past, and observes how seemingly trivial details chart overarching changes in society.

The winner of the Longman-History Today Book Prize was announced at our annual award ceremony. Here is a collection of photographs from the event.

'Crisis? What crisis?' was Prime Minster James Callaghan's response to Britain's Winter of Discontent in 1979. However, he never actually said those words. A compendium of wrongly-attributed quotations.

After decades of advance, democracy in Europe has begun to look curiously vulnerable.

The author of Courtiers: The Secret History of Kensington Palace (Faber & Faber), and presenter of the BBC TV series, If Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the Home discusses her work with Paul Lay.

146 volumes of veterinary medicine reports from the collections of the National Library of Scotland have been digitised and are freely available on the Medical History of British India website.

Paul Lay pays tribute to the playwright, dissident and former Czech president, who has died aged 75.

A surprising number of Archibishops of Canterbury have met a violent end. Christopher Winn looks at some of the more notorious examples.

The shortlist for the annual Longman-History Today Book of the Year Award has been announced.

It has now been officially announced that Stalin's only daughter died last week in the United States, aged 85.

The results of our informal poll to name the most important historian of the past 60 years are in.

As our 60th anniversary year nears its conclusion we asked distinguished historians to choose their favourite works of history produced in the last 60 years and to name the most important historian of the period.

We've whittled your nominations down to a shortlist; now it's time to vote for the most important historian, and the most important history book, of the past six decades.

On November 8th 1974, Richard Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan, vanished from his house in London’s Belgravia and was never seen again.

To mark our 60th anniversary, we're asking our readers to nominate the most important historian, and the most significant history book, of the past six decades.

Listen to the infamous show that sparked a minor panic across parts of America.