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Klaus Dodds looks back 50 years to a crucial – and ultimately tragic – moment in the UK’s exploitation of its oil and gas resources. 

The Scientific Revolution put an end to beliefs that were once considered rational but now seem bizarre. If we want to understand why, we need to look at the increasing importance of the ‘fact’, says David Wootton.

The mathematician and pioneering computer programmer was born on December 10th, 1815.

Britain’s Industrial Revolution is most closely associated with the Midlands and the North. But the capital was also a centre of innovation and enterprise, as David Waller explains.

The German physicist Max Planck published a ground-breaking paper in 1900 on thermal radiation and ‘unknowingly sparked the quantum revolution’....

E.R. Truitt revisits John Cohen’s 1963 article on the history of automata and the quest to recreate humanity.

Head Hunters begins with a journey. A group of young Cambridge scientists embarks on an expedition to the Australasian islands of the...

An exhibition at the Science Museum opens up a little-known aspect of Churchill’s wartime achievement.

A German scholar living in 17th-century London revolutionised the way scientists shared news of their latest advances.

Mathematics and numbers are not really part of what we think about when we think about the past, by and large. So it is nice to see Amir Alexander...


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