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Diaries can be a holy grail for the historian: written with the immediacy of the moment, capturing the authentic atmosphere of an event,...

Travelling across America in the 1970s, Jad Adams chanced upon a statue of the suffrage...

This is an extract from Anna Field’s ‘Masculinity and Myth’, which won the 2014 History Today undergraduate dissertation prize, awarded in conjunction with the Royal Historical Society.

Walter L. Arnstein offers a study of the movement for female emancipation, from the 1860s until 1918.

Helen McCarthy’s latest book is one of the most important studies on diplomatic practice to have been published in many years. It is the first...

Edna Nixon describes how Mary Wollstonecraft became a passionate believer in the education of her own sex, having herself suffered intensely as a woman.

A BBC drama from 1974 highlights the tensions in writing feminist history.

Jad Adams considers the actions of the militant British suffragette movement and its far-reaching impact on the global struggle for female suffrage in the 20th century.

The Foreign Office was long a bastion of male chauvinism. Only during the Second World War did women diplomats begin to make their mark.

Henry Kamen describes the apotheosis of emancipated Russian womanhood.



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