The photographer, designer and aesthete Cecil Beaton brought a distinctly historical awareness to the realm of fashion.

Fashion Victims by Alison Matthews David is a beautifully illustrated, accessible and highly thoughtful study of how fashion has been...

Beatrice Bazell gets a first glimpse at an exhibition devoted to the history of the shoe.

The founder of the eponymous cosmetics company died on April 1st, 1965. 

The world of shopping in Georgian London offered an array of retail experiences for women in pursuit of the ultimate in fashionable clothing, every bit as sophisticated as those open to the 21st-century shopper.

The beginnings of fashion are often traced to the courts and cities of medieval southern Europe. Should we be looking further north?

Scents; cosmetics; essences: D.C.S. Wiltshire finds that enormous variety for the unguents were produced in fashionable Roman world.

In the Elizabethan Age feminine extravagance was often satirised by English dramatists and poets. During the seventeenth century, writes Brenda Gourgey, it rose to even more fantastic heights.

Benjamin Wild finds that the Middle Ages is inspiring a number of major designers.

The make-up master died on August 30th, 1938.