Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln's nemesis: John Wilkes Booth, c.1864

The man who killed Abraham Lincoln was shot dead on 26 April, 1865.

It is not the least tragedy of a tragic life that Lincoln was obliged to face the most terrible decision of all, before he had grown to the full height of his Presidential stature. 

The capture of New Orleans, 24 April 1862.

The American Civil War was not a simple struggle between slaveholders and abolitionists, argues Tim Stanley.

Composite image of portrait photographs of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas

The last of seven debates between the two Senate candidates took place on October 15th, 1858.

John Spicer judges that slavery was the key factor in producing the conflict.

Richard Carwardine describes the new library dedicated to Abraham Lincoln.

Joshua Kleinfeld explores Lincoln’s attitudes towards the constitution and civil liberty during the Civil War, and finds their impact still reverberating in the US today.

Capturing the spirit of America - Erin Cho looks at the building blocks of American childhood and the objectives of their creator.