P.M. Holt depicts 'an organized revolutionary movement... resulting in the establishment of a territorial Islamic state'.

C. Chenevix Trench describes how, assigned to the Sudan in the time of the ‘Mahdi’, Colonel Stewart led an enterprising officer’s life in Asia and Africa.

In the still largely unexplored Sudan lie the remains of one of the richest and least known of ancient African civilizations.

The first-ever parliament of the Sudan was opened by the British governor-general, Sir Robert Howe, on January 1st, 1954.

The massacre of the army of Sudanese Dervishes on a plain near Omdurman on September 2nd, 1898, was an occasion that a new military technology by Britain in battle. 

The Victorians glorified the hero Gordon of Khartoum. But the reality was considerably less clear-cut.