Spitalfields has always been London’s border country, a constellation of streets that has felt like a place apart. The name ‘Spitalfields’ was...

Foreign traders were attracted to the City of London by England’s prosperous trade in wool and cloth. They were not always made welcome. 

Within two generations coal merchants, who used to be everywhere in London, have disappeared from our streets and, along with them, both the smoke...

The Victorian masterpiece was burned to the ground on November 29th, 1936. 

The rebuilding of London required an image of what had been lost. Kate Wiles shares one such survey from 1669.

The appearance of a Short Stirling Bomber near St Paul's Cathedral prompts Roger Hudson to recall the Wings for Victory campaign.

The church was consecrated on December 28th, 1065.

A three-month frost fair began on November 24th, 1715.

Britain’s Industrial Revolution is most closely associated with the Midlands and the North. But the capital was also a centre of innovation and enterprise, as David Waller explains.

Roger Hudson details the rebuilding of the world’s first theme park in south London in 1853.