A diplomat representing Franco’s Spain and his accomplice, an Italian Fascist, became unlikely saviours of Jews stranded amid the horrors of the Hungarian capital during the Second World War, says Robert Philpot.

The circumstances in which the Emperor Nicholas decided to send troops into Hungary in 1849, writes Ian Young, were remarkably similar to those which brought Soviet tanks swarming over the Carpathians in November 1956.

In the spring of 1703, the Hungarian people broke into spontaneous revolt against Habsburg rule and, under the leadership of Francis Rakoczi II, for eight years maintained their struggle for national liberty.

Among the heroes who, at great risk to their own lives, saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust under the noses of the Nazis, few deserve a more...

A vicious killer died on August 21st, 1614.

W. Bruce Lincoln describes how the European Revolutions of 1848 alarmed the Russian Government so much, it sent its armies to aid the Habsburgs in Hungary.

Hungary’s authoritarian government is rewriting the nation’s troubled past.

Béla Menczer describes how the last Austrian Emperor strove to regain one of his family’s Kingdoms.

Bela Menczer introduces the role of an Hungarian at the Congress of Berlin.

For about four months, writes Bela Menczer, a Communist government attempted to deal with the problems of the former partner in the Habsburg empire.