The coverage of a disaster in Chile revealed religious divisions among the world’s press.

A major conflict in the Chilean War of Independence was fought on 12 February 1817.

In certain parts of Spanish America today O’Higgins is a name still remembered and honoured to an extent that would surprise the great majority of Irishmen who have never heard of the once famous Viceroy of Peru or of his son, the founder of Chilean independence.

Launched for the Peruvian navy in 1865, the Huascar was captured by Chile in the war of 1879. David Woodward analyses the large part it has played in Chilean history.

George Pendle finds that the authoress of Little Arthur's History of England was also an inquisitive and adventurous traveller.

At Deptford, on April 4th, 1581, Francis Drake, who, during the previous autumn, had returned from his triumphant circumnavigation of the globe, knelt before Queen Elizabeth and received a knighthood

Ramona Wadi reports on the continuing struggle to shed light on the death in 1973 of the Chilean singer and political activist Victor Jara.

Britain's connections with Chile date from her War of Independence, and were powerfully re-inforced by a Victorian company-promoter in the City of London.

Ann Matear examines the continuing pursuit of justice after Pinochet’s dictatorship.