Volume 44 Issue 7 July 1994

Richard Cavendish discovers the riches and Diaspora and beyond in the Manchester Jewish museum.

Ralph Harrington looks at the paranoias that railway travel stirred up as it spread across the 19th century.

Edward Ranson describes how a 17-day political dogfight in New York revealed the faults in American society in the Roaring Twenties.

Bill Wallace looks at the mixed inheritance of democratic ideas in Mother Russia and beyond as possible auguries for the future of the regimes that have succeeded the Soviet Union.

Were the 'barbarians' who shored up Rome's armies and frontiers the empire's salvation or doom?

Tim Knox looks at how the explosion of interest in all things Chinese in 18th-century Britain found a centrepiece in the royal gardens of George III.

John Springhall finds 1950s echoes in the current controversy about children and horror videos.

E. Hall looks at the methods used in ancient Greece to court public opinion in the light of the modern media and messages of democratic politics today.

How the Livery companies of London prepare to show they are ready for the millennium

Explanation about the myth history of Middle Ages Switzerland.

Judith Rice on a sixteenth-century sect in the modern world.