Volume 38 Issue 4 April 1988

Tim Tatton-Brown reviews the picture of one of Anglo-Saxon England's best-known saints built up at a major exhibition in Canterbury for the millennium of his death.

Georgy Smirnov investigates the reforming policies in the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev.

Clive Emsley discovers the Victorian underworld and the attempts to combat it.

Julie Richards-Williams examines the millennium of Christianity in Russia

Dymphna Byrne looks forward to the 400th anniversary of the Spanish Armada

Ann Hills looks at history at the local level in Dorset

Missionary, failed MP, counter-revolutionary, Buddhist abbot – Bernard Wasserstein tracks an extraordinary character through his secret lives across the ideological and international battleground of the early twentieth century.

Proud patriots perhaps, but were the irregular forces in Spain's war against Napoleon a help or a hindrance? Charles Esdaile investigates.

G.R. Dunstan discovers the moral status of the human embryo throughout history and how judgments have been linked to the scientific understanding of the time.