Volume 1 Issue 2 February 1951

Cyrill Falls describes how a succession of rebellions challenged a sodden but sturdy English soldiery in late 16th century Ireland.

W.R. Jeudwine unearths the 17th century roots of France's age-old struggle for influence and power in the province of Lorraine.

Max Beloff profiles the "real author of the Constitution" and one of the most extraordinary of the USA's Founding Fathers.

D.W. Brogan offers a panoramic view of the Big Apple's architecture, society and economic history.

Alan Bullock ruminates on the role of historians in Western society.

A.L. Lloyd pays an historical visit to the capital of north-eastern England.

A.J.P. Taylor gives a decidedly mid-20th century view of a mid-19th century war, its aims, and legacy.