History Today

A cautionary Classical tale of solipsism and self-obsession.

‘What will future generations judge us most harshly for? That we allowed Donald Trump to violate the US constitution.’

The two-piece swimsuit was unveiled on 5 July 1946.

A translator alters more than a text’s language, turning the process into a political statement.

Thanks to decades of meticulous historical research, we know a great deal about the historical life of William Shakespeare. Born in Stratford-upon-...

The late, great American novelist performed an important, but little-known, cultural role during the Cold War.  

The people known to history as the Phoenicians occupied a narrow tract of land along the coast of modern Syria, Lebanon and northern Israel. They are...

The unlikely links between an obscure English saint and a Viking warrior.

The worst monsters to the Anglo-Saxon mind were those who thought like humans but chose to act differently.

The world’s most popular fast food has ancient roots, but it was a royal seal of approval that set it on the path to global domination.