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The history of the Crusades and the establishment of Latin Christian (Frankish) ‘Crusader States’ along the Eastern Mediterranean littoral has proved...

A teenager shipwrecked on a Pacific atoll helped transform relations between Japan and the United States.

Since the moment Emily Brontë died we have tried – and failed – to understand who she was. 

What electoral rights did Britons have in the century before 1918?

Women played a minor role in the Easter Rising of 1916. But they became crucial intelligene agents in the Anglo-Irish War.

The dramatic events that shook Britain in the 17th century resonate more strongly than ever, despite attempts to marginalise them.

The West German chancellor Helmut Schmidt was an admirer of Britain from an early age. But his vision of European integration was not that of his British counterparts. 

Daniel Mendoza (c.1765-1836), the Jewish ‘Professor of Pugilism’, as depicted by James Gillray. Simon Schama is a teller of historical tales par...

A geographical concept based on outdated European ideas of race – does 'Melanesia' exist?

John Julius Norwich’s history of France was his final tribute to a country that he loved throughout his long life, ‘living in everything from the...