History Today

Cultural curiosity inspired generations of British imperialists to unearth India’s past.

When the justice system of medieval England was found to be too corrupt, Robin Hood and the outlaws of fact and fiction created their own system beyond the law.

West German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, makes his farewell speech before resigning from office on 15 October 1963, with Willy Brandt, Chancellor...

Getting and keeping the throne in the Ottoman Empire was no easy task. For a new sultan, the most foolproof method of securing power was to kill all other claimants.

Thiruvalluvar statue at Kanya Kumari, Tamil Nadu, India. The history of India is notoriously hard to define. ‘Quicksand in every direction. Dates and...

Why did only some women get the vote in 1918 and what did they do with it?

This book sells itself as ‘a sharp, often surprising view of the classical world by a major Classics scholar at Cambridge’. Frederic Raphael...

‘People think curators sit about in armchairs drinking tea while occasionally peering at an object. It’s a little more high octane than that.’

‘The Welsh would be insuperable if only they were inseparable.’