70 Years of History Today

History Today is 70! To celebrate we have published some of the best articles from our archive in a special ebook, free to read now.

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In its 70 years, History Today has moved with the times but has never lost sight of its guiding principle: to bring serious history to a wide audience. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we have published a special ebook featuring some of the best articles from our extensive archive. Each piece has been carefully selected to give you a taste of the fantastic writing which has earned History Today’s reputation and popularity.

Enjoy compelling, insightful accounts of the past by leading historians from the 1950s up to the present day.

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Madame de Pompadour’s Theatre, Nancy Mitford 
The Course of German History, James Joll 
Thomas Cromwell, Geoffrey Elton
Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father, Esmond Wright 


The Case of the Slave-Ship Zong, Robert Weisbord


Rashid al-Din: The First Universal Historian, J.J. Saunders 
The Extraordinary Voyages of Admiral Cheng Ho, Nora C. Buckley


Arms and the Victorian Policeman, Clive Emsley


Alfred the Great: The Most Perfect Man in History? Barbara Yorke


Helen the Whore and the Curse of Beauty, Bettany Hughes


General Sherman’s Total War, Matt Carr
The People Who Discovered Christopher Columbus, Claudia Rogers


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