Alexander the Great

Idealised portrait relief of Alexander the Great by Landolin Ohnmacht (1760-1834). One’s first thought on contemplating this behemoth is of the...
Frank Holt has form in the crowded field of Alexander studies. Good form, too: among the many virtues of his Into the Land of Bones (2005...

The romantic liaison between the great Amazon warrior queen and the conqueror of the known world has been much mythologised. But did such a delicious pairing really happen? Adrienne Mayor investigates.

George Woodcock describes how, during the centuries after his death, Alexander became many things to many peoples and in countries often distant from those that saw his exploits.

When Alexander assumed the despotic state of the Eastern monarchs he had overthrown, he aroused growing resentment among his loyal Macedonian followers. E. Badian carries the story on, to his early death in the year 323 B.C

E. Badian studies the political background of Alexander’s plans for world conquest.

Oliver Stone’s 2004 film Alexander portrayed the great Macedonian king as bisexual. Was he also a transvestite? Tony Spawforth looks to uncover the truth.

James Romm examines some intriguing new theories about a long-standing historical mystery.

Richard Stoneman investigates the strange but widely held belief in the Middle Ages, that Alexander the Great had conquered more than the land, taking to the air and travelled to the ocean depths.

Paul Cartledge goes in search of the elusive personality of the world’s greatest hero.